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less than sign

What is Less Than Sign?

A less than sign is characterized as the numerical symbol used to look at numbers where one worth is less than the other. It is a disparity symbol used to show the examination between at least two amounts. For instance, if we need to show the correlation somewhere in the range of 2 and 3 we will express it as 2 is less than 3 or 3 is more noteworthy than 2. Thus it portrays the connection between these two numbers. We can address these numbers as 2 < 3.

Less Than Symbol

The less than symbol is ‘<‘. It is a disparity symbol as it doesn’t lay out fairness between two numbers or articulations. It just lets us know that one worth is more modest than the other worth. For instance, if x < 5 is given, it implies the worth of x is more modest than 5. Take a gander at the less than sign given underneath.

Less than sign

The above symbol is utilized to show that one worth is lesser than the other worth. Allow us to take a stab at utilizing it inside a model. Assuming that the proclamation says “16 is more modest than 18” is valid. Then, we can compose it as 16 < 18 utilizing the less-than sign. The completely open side of the sign with its two focuses consistently faces the greater number, though the sharp end faces the more modest number.

How to Use Less Than Sign?

To utilize the less than sign, we draw the completely open side of the symbol towards the more noteworthy number and the sharp end towards the more modest number. How about we analyze the two-digit numbers, 32 and 14. While looking at the two-digit numbers, we first analyze the tens place digits. Assuming that the tens digits are something similar, we will look at the digits at the ones place. Here, we can see that 1 is more modest than 3. In this manner, we can say that 14 is less than 32. Numerically, it tends to be composed as 14 < 32 utilizing the less-than sign.

Less than sign – Windows and Mac keyboards?


If you have a computer with a Windows keyboard, you will need to run the following command:

Alt +60 =<

Alt +243 =≤

Alt +8924 =

You can easily find this symbol in the Windows Symbol card. Just follow the path: Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Character Map and look for the less than sign or less than equal to symbol (<,≤)


If you have a Mac computer, the commands performed using the keyboard is as follows:

Option + , =≤

By following these simple commands, you can quickly create these icons. But also thanks to the use of commands, you can represent many other symbols, such as the heart symbol , even the euro symbol and many more symbols that are hidden on normal keyboard.

less than sign

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Alt code

Each character has a digital code, which in the Word can be converted into the character itself. To do this, anywhere in the document, type “243” and then simultaneously press Alt and X on the keyboard.

Hidden technique

The secret technique can be used in any text editor. If you type a regular character larger and then make it underlined ( Ctrl + U ), it will look exactly like the desired character when written.

I recommend using this approach in practice in extreme cases, when it does not work out in another way.

Alt key formula

The signs in question are mathematical and are most often used in formulas. To insert a formula in Word, use the Alt and = hotkeys. This creates a special field for entering a mathematical expression.less than symbol

To type “greater than or equal to” in this field, just enter >= in sequence and press the spacebar. Two characters are automatically replaced by the desired character.

Insert “less than or equal to” sign

The less than or equal sign is inserted exactly as in the previous examples, with a few changes. In the first case, only the code changes to “243”.

There are additional commands for entering characters that are not available using a regular keyboard. These commands are named and denoted as “Alt+NUM”, where “NUM” is the number of the character typed on the numeric keypad.

To write the desired character in Windows, you should press the Alt key with one hand and, while holding it, enter the required number on the numeric keypad with the other hand. After typing the numbers, release the Alt key – a symbol will appear.


In this article we study about the Less than symbol. How to write it in different devices we simply explained above. For further queries please leave us a comment. Thank you.

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