Leo Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, In Love, Sex, Work

leo zodiac sign

What is Leo Zodiac Sign or Leo sign?

At the request of Western Astrology, Leo is the fifth sign of the Zodiac and to it those people who were born between July 22 and August 22 belong; it is a fixed and masculine sign, which according to astrologers corresponds to the fire element.

It is considered the opposite and complementary to the zodiac sign Aquarius. The sign of Leo is ruled by the sun, that is, the ruling planet is the sun, and the symbol that represents it is the lion, whose image represents issues such as being: courage, dignity, strength and affection.

There are some authors who link the symbol of the sign with that of the Nemean lion who was killed by Hercules and raised by Zeus to heaven in honor of the former.

Leo Sign

Meaning of Leo Zodiac Sign

As with all the signs of the zodiac, Leo also has a priori delineated certain characteristics that are the ones that will mostly lead the natives of this sign to act in a certain way and that is why among those who were born under the regency from this sign we can more or less find the same conditions in the character.

Those born under the sign of Leo tend to act frankly and face-to-face, they also have a consolidated security in themselves that will lead them to stand out from the average with great ease. It is recurrent that in the area in which they are always the leaders of the group to which they belong.

On the other hand, the intensity they present is such that it will lead them to live life intensely and thus manifest the emotions and feelings they feel. With those around them they are usually very generous, sharing their achievements.

Meanwhile, there is something that tarnishes Leo’s brilliance and that is his enormous ego, which will make them very easily upset when someone contradicts them, lasting the anger for a long time. On the other hand, Leo is the name given to the zodiacal constellation that is currently in front and a little to the east of the sign of Leo, between the signs of Cancer and Virgo.

Leo is one of the best known constellations; Leo contains many bright stars highlighting the Regulo and Algieba star systems. Also, this constellation presents many bright galaxies, among which M65, M66 stand out.



The sign of Leo is melancholic and dramatic by nature. It is awesome. Everyone notices his presence. It always attracts attention. It is your energy that shakes the foundations. It is his fierceness and your inner strength. It is attractive and hardly resists the other signs. He has a charm for seduction and a lot of self-confidence, although at first it may not be apparent. Leo will seek to be everywhere and satisfy all the people around him with his presence.

CHARACTER of Leo sign


Fire is the element that governs this sign of great inner strength. The Leo sign loves life. Leo is very decisive. Has sense of humor. Avoid all kinds of problems. He knows how to get around them. And it will always be a winner.

The element that revolves around Leo is the sun. The star king represents it. Leo has a very big ego. Too much, it can be said. Leo finds what he wants to achieve. But Leo has some selfishness too. Not everything, luckily. The truth is that the Leo sign tends not to think about the desires that other people may have.THE SIGN OF LEO - THE FIRE

First and second is Leo, third too. Leo has a strength that can be incredible at times. It’s about the king. It is what it represents. Leo is friendly to people. And he is usually a lean and generous friend. He is a true friend.


Leo is a fire sign. He is strong, but he will have to take care of his heart. Also the column, Leo has to have his heart ready to function in optimal conditions. He is usually a very sedentary person. You don’t always exercise.

What is advised for people born under this sign is to also check their spine. Leo is a born worker. He sets goals. He always complies with them. He is often unaware of his capabilities. Pretends to be an arrogant person sometimes and little bit lazy.

He usually thinks that someone else will do things for him. The way to relate to others is joy and humor. Better if it is an intelligent humor. But it is their mechanism to get in touch with others.


Leo has stages. You can go from being the eternal platonic dreamer in love to becoming a true seducer. But what characterize him best are affection and his enormous passion. He likes to express his feelings. It is a loyal animal.


Extreme energy is what characterizes this fire sign – Like adventures. For Leo one thing is love and another is sex. You feel comfortable with a partner who allows you to have initiative. Let it stand out and facilitate an independent life. When they want to find lovers they prefer that they be uninhibited. For a couple to function with this sign there must be a communion between the two with the intellect. Otherwise, Leo’s superiority will be overwhelmed. For the rest, people who are governed by this sign express affection a lot; they have a tendency to make people laugh. They like to be generous with those close to them in life. With the people who make up his family environment.

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The sign Leo is much more generous than other signs of the zodiac. If you have him as a friend, you will have a loyal friendship that will look for you just for the fact of being friends, without there being any interest. The sign of Leo will want to be a kind of super hero capable of helping everyone. If it is in your hands you will be able to achieve it, given your confident and strong personality. He attends parties but also organizes them. Enjoy the solitude. It is part of their nature, although the interaction will be too.


Leo is the defender of his loved ones. No one can mess with your family. He will always be there to take care of them. Leo’s loyalty will last for life. You may have a sexual slip with someone but, in terms of affection, in terms of deep feeling, Leo will be very loyal. Helping his family is synonymous with pride for this sun sign.


Leo has energy to do things. He can be lazy but he doesn’t rest on his laurels.

  • Take action
  • Answer back
  • Participates
  • Is delivered
  • Win
  • Enjoy !!

You will always have an occupation in which you channel all your energy. Those with the Leo sign tend to be people with a lot of ambition and are characterized by optimism.

For Leo, work has to be done as well as possible. He is not resigned. He wants more. That is another of its characteristics. In work matters Leo, if he does not become a boss, he will prefer to be his own boss. Organize your time. Have your own company.

He will be a good artist. A great actor given his tendency to melodrama you can also work as a screenwriter or a film director. Even so, he will stand out in administrative and political terms, since he has leadership capacity, something that, along with his charisma, will be valued by many.

Leo’s path will be traced based on his own nature. Its animal nature Leo will be a person capable of working on something he likes. You will earn money very easily, but based on your experience.

He will be generous and will share with everyone who wants his successes, but he will want everyone to be there in his failures so that his ego is not reduced to the minimum expression. The generous and imposing Leo will never be short of work – he usually has more than he can handle.


We are facing a sign that relies on good humor throughout the day to day. He has inner joy. He is a creative soul. Talented that if he knows how to channel his talent well, he can achieve achievements that not even he will believe.

But it also has some flaws. It can become inflexible. He is arrogant. He is Self-centered and very lazy. What he hates most in life is being ignored. You will always want to be the king, or a queen.

Leo symbol on Windows

Press one of the alt keys on your keyboard and then enter the numbers using the number pad on your keyboard.

♌=Alt + 9804

Leo symbol on Microsoft word

Press the alt key on your keyboard and then enter the number

Alt+264C =♌

Leo symbol on mac

Similar, in the Windows, you can also write zodiac symbol using option key in Pages and Keynote documents on your Mac Book.

Option + 264C=♌

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