How to type infinity symbol (∞)

Writing infinity symbol is easy whether you have a Windows computer or a Mac computer. It is a symbol that is closely related to the fields of mathematics, space and time. There are many areas where this symbol can be used. Below you can see the context in which it is used and how to write it on your computer.

How can you represent the infinity symbol on Windows and Mac keyboards?


If you have a computer with a Windows keyboard, you will need to run the following command:

Alt + 236 =∞

You can easily find this symbol in the Windows Symbol card. Just follow the path: Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Character Map and look for the infinity symbol (∞)


If you have a Mac computer, the commands performed using the keyboard is as follows:

Option + 5 =∞

By following these simple commands, you can quickly create these icons. But also thanks to the use of commands, you can represent many other symbols, such as the heart symbol and even the euro symbol.

infinity symbol

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What is the origin of the infinity symbol (∞)?

The symbol of infinity is a symbol that is closely related to the esoteric world, and the depiction of the number 8 in a horizontal position has a special symbolism associated with love and sincerity. The reason why it is called the symbol of infinity is because of its shape, where you cannot determine what the beginning is and what is the end.

  • This symbol was first used in mathematical research by John Wallis to represent infinite elements.
  • Other, older origins are still associated with the Greek world. This symbol has been associated with the uroboros, which is depicted as an animal biting its tail. It is a reflection of life as a cyclical and infinite concept where everything dies and is reborn forever.
  • Another symbolism is that he offers astrology and gives it the number 8. It is associated with family, freedom, loyalty and sincerity.
  • In tarot this symbol is associated with magic cards and is associated with immortal and spiritual powers
  • In Chinese culture, this number is associated with the universe and the eight joys of human life.
  • For Judaism it is related to the unity between God and man

In which area is the infinity symbol used?

The infinity symbol is used in many contexts:

  • In mathematics and geometry, to express set theory or infinity
  • On computers, especially in certain programming languages
  • To reveal the infinity of the infinite in metaphysics
  • In Aristotle’s physics, although in this case the concept of infinity is rejected

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