How to write Trademark Symbol® R,™ TM symbol- (Windows, Mac)

What is a Trademark/Tm symbol?

A registered trademark is an quality to your business. With its help, you can not only clear the market from fakes or prohibit the import of counterfeit goods, but also use it as a springboard for the development and expansion of the enterprise by transferring rights through a franchise and a license. The legislation gives a clear definition of a trademark, indicating its exceptional feature – a trademark allows you to identify a specific product or group of products (services).

tm symbol


The Trademark or Tm symbol on Windows

If your keyboard has a numeric keypad, then you can type the tm symbol using an Alt code – this consists of you pressing a few numbers while holding the Alt key. The numeric keypad is to the right of your keyboard – most keyboards on the desk have a numeric keypad. If you are using a laptop, you will merely see the figures on the upper row of the keyboard and not on the right like numpad. To type the tm symbol alt code on the keyboard, type 0153, for trademark symbol or type 0174, for  registered trademark symbol while holding down the Alt key.

™=Alt+0153, for trademark symbol

®=Alt+0174, for registered trademark symbol

Trademark or Tm Symbol on Mac

 =Option + 2, for trademark symbol

®=Option + R, for registered trademark symbol

Apple Mac Os or Mac book owners can use the Option +2, for trademark symbol

 Option + R, for registered trademark symbol keyboard shortcuts.

Insert Tm symbol in Microsoft Word

= Ctrl+Alt+T, for trademark symbol

® = Ctrl+Alt+R, for the registered trademark symbol

To insert trademark symbol, in Microsoft word use Ctrl+Alt+T for ™

And To insert the registered trademark symbol, press Ctrl+Alt+R for ®.

Anywhere in the document, enter 2122 for trademark symbol and “00AE” for registered trademark symbol then select characters and press Alt and X hotkeys. The numbers are converted to a character. The keyboard layout must be English.  2122 ➟ Alt + X = ™ and 00AE Alt + X = ®

How to type a trademark symbol or R circle symbol in excel

  • Open an Excel file you need.
  • Go to taskbar explore and type ‘character map’.
  • Click on it to open. Select the trademark symbol.
  • Click on ‘Copy’.
  • Right-click after the data you have to and click on ‘Paste’.

Trademark symbol in Word, Excel,


  • You can in addition use your keyboard to put a trademark symbol.
  • Press Alt along with type 0153, for trademark symbol and 0174 for registered trade mark on your number keyboard.
  • Now release the Alt key your symbol appears automatically.
  • Please, make sure the Num Lock is on before entering the number combo.

Tm symbol in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook

  1. Go to Insert
  2. Then Symbols
  3. Then More Symbols tab appears
  4. Just type 2122 in character code box
  5. Trademark symbol appears automatically.

The Tm symbol on Latex

Here is the latex code for trademark symbol or registered trademark symbol

Trademark Symbol –™


Registered Trademark Symbol – ®



The official document holder of a trademark can manage not any use of his trademark, but only its use in civil movement, in exacting: on goods, on labels, packaging of these goods that are shaped, sold, advertised or otherwise introduced into civil circulation, or stored or transported for this purpose.

when performing work, rendering services (in the case of a service mark); on documentation related to the introduction of goods into civil circulation; in offers for the sale of goods, performance of work, provision of services, as well as in announcements, on signs and in advertisements; on the Internet, in particular in the domain name and with other methods of addressing.

Such types of use of the trademark as: mentioning it for non-advertising purposes are not subject to the control of the copyright holder; use on goods that have already been put into circulation by the copyright holder himself or with his consent (for example, when using a purchased product on which a trademark is depicted or upon further resale of such a product); personal use; other uses not related to the introduction of goods (services) into civil circulation.

An unregistered trademark can be used as long as it does not violate the law. However, it is better not to take risks – at any time third parties can register your trademark and will have the right to sue you for using it. The use of someone else’s trademark threatens with confiscation of goods and recovery of damage or compensation – up to 5 million rubles.

What are the advantages of using a trademark registration?

First, a trademark certificate will protect you from illegal use by third parties.

Secondly, you can earn money by transferring the rights to a trademark under a license, or expand your business through a franchise (under a commercial concession agreement).

Thirdly, a trademark can be the subject of a pledge or sale (under an alienation agreement).

However, all these three agreements must also be registered with uspto otherwise the transfer of rights will not have legal force.


Trademarks can be vivid, verbal mutual, resonance, three-dimensional – representing the wrapping of goods or the goods themselves. In addition, of course, the color solutions of the trademarks can also be protected, that is, the trademark is protected in the color scheme in which it was filed for registration.


  1. Verbal – only type composition, in theory design is a logogram. Word marks make up 80% of all existing trademarks. Such signs can be personal names “Alyonka”, “Tinkoff”. Also invented neoplasms are Xerox, Kodak. Abbreviations – MUZTV, RTR, TNT. Numbers are the first channel. There are, particularly only just, new types of trademarks appear on the market. This is a hologram trademark. For example, on a credit card, you might see a small image that changes depending on the angle you look at it from. In a few countries, there are olfactory marks where a definite odor can be sheltered as a trademark.
  2. Fine – up to 5% no more than the total number of trademarks. Most often used in individual professional activities. Represents abstract (index mark) or concrete (iconic marks) images.
  3. Combined – it includes verbal and pictorial components in various combinations (such a sign cannot be disassembled). It is the combined signs in design theory that are called a logo (graphic imprint). The patent holder cannot be in charge of a trademark like to his own, unless he can show that they “agree to the point of puzzlement.”

Thus, a trademark that is inseparably collected of three or more trademarks (a trademark cannot agree with more than one register trademark is not theme to the manage of the owner of the new basics. There are a number of different designations used as trademarks, but two conditions are always the same: the mark must be distinctive and not misleading.

Warning Marking

To indicate that a trademark has passed the registration procedure and is protected by law, the copyright holder can use warning markings – a special verbal or graphic designation placed next to the object. The ability to place warning labels on a product or its packaging is provided for by any legal system, including in the United states Federation. Since the law does not contain an approximate list of designations used for this marking, we highlight the most common ways:

  • Indication of the phrase “registered trademark” or “registered trademark”;
  • TM symbol, which is an abbreviation for the English words “trade mark” (trade mark);
  • The R symbol included in the circle.

The law does not prohibit the indication of other labeling options. It should be borne in mind that the placement of warning markings in the absence of registration of the mark will be a direct violation of the law and entail responsibility. It is not enough just to develop a unique designation for your products – without registering exclusive rights, any interested person can use your trademark.

To obtain a certificate for the specified object and establish a legal protection regime, you need to submit an application to uspto. You can do this yourself or entrust an attorney. It is not difficult to fill out an application – you just need to fill out a form. The difficulty lies in preliminary preparation. It is in the level of preparation for the procedure that the fundamental difference between self-filing an application for registration and the services of an attorney lies.

Trademark pre-check is the first step to successful registration

Another important point is determining the priority of the trademark. What is its essence? The register of registered trademarks is open and accessible to everyone. But the register of trademark applications can only be viewed for a fee, since this is classified information.

If you use only an open registry and do not check the applications, then your application may be rejected, since it is in the applications that an analogue of your trademark may be contained. Of course, you yourself can use the paid trademark verification service provided by uspto. However, the form in which you receive the report is unlikely to help you with anything, because the expert checks each trademark manually and makes a subjective decision.

The way out is to seek help from specialists.

The attorneys of “Guardium” have experience of work in uspto, therefore they know: on the basis of what the FIPS experts make their decisions, and what arguments to bring to convince them that you are right. Patent attorneys will conduct a thorough preliminary check of your designation against the databases of registered trademarks and on registration applications in order to draw up a strategy for its successful protection.

The check takes place in four stages:
  • Selection of MKTU classes and search queries for the FIPS base;
  • Generating a report on all registered trademarks and applications that may oppose yours;
  • Analysis of the collected information, drawing up a report together with lawyers and highlighting the most likely “competitors”;
  • Description of the trademark for a designer to refine it to uniqueness.

Note – Registration of a trademark is a process of convincing an expert of uspto that your mark is unique

Trademark registration procedure: Stages

  1. Registration of the application and description of the trademark
  2. Sending an application to uspto

Registration of an application

Publication of data in the official bulletin of uspto – from this moment on, the priority of rights to the registered object is established (if another person applies with the same designation, the earlier application will have priority)

Carrying out a formal examination at uspto – the correctness of the preparation of documents, their completeness, etc. is checked.

After the positive passing of the formal examination, a notification is sent to the applicant

An examination of the presented designation is carried out on the merits – the expert examines the description and graphic images, identifies distinctive features, establishes the absence of grounds for refusing registration. in case of a positive examination, a decision is made on the possibility of registering a trademark .information about the trademark is entered into the register. The uspto service issues a certificate.

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