How to type the degree symbol ° in Word 2016 & 2019

How to type the degree symbol

How to type the degree symbol

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One of the most used applications today for document management in Microsoft Word. Thanks to this program, we have the possibility of creating text files with different options such as graphics or tables. In addition, sharing a Word document is something quite simple, since we can do it through the mail, for example, being a compatible format on both Windows and Mac.

Although Word offers us hundreds of options to manage the information in the best way, sometimes we find ourselves faced with the need to enter certain special characters and we do not know how to do them or we must resort to the ASCII table to know which key combination we can use to get that symbol or character.

How to type the degree symbol

One of the most used symbols and for which many users have difficulties writing is the degree symbol ° since due to the configuration of your keyboard it is not possible to obtain it in a practical way and it is widely used when we must represent data associated with temperature.

That is why today we will analyze the different practical ways of entering the Degree symbol in our Word 2016 and Word 2019 documents.

Add the ° symbol using keyboard shortcuts or as a special format Word 2016 and 2019

Add ° symbol using keyboard shortcuts

This is one of the most practical and fastest ways to add said symbol in Word 2016. For this, we access the document where the symbol is to be written and we will carry out the following process:

STEP – If we are on computers with Windows operating systems we will press the Alt key and the numbers 0176 or 248, then we release the Alt key and the degree symbol will appear automatically.

Alt+ 0176 / 248

If we are on computers with macOS operating systems, it will be necessary to use the Option + Shift + 8 key combination to add this symbol.

Option + Shift + 8

With any of these options, we will see the ° symbol in our documents

How to type the degree symbol ° using a special format

This is a process that applies exclusively to Word and consists of using the key combination Ctrl + Shift + @ and pressing the space bar to obtain the ° symbol in our document.

Ctrl + Shift + @

Another alternative way is to enter the line 00B0 and press the Alt + X keys and the ° symbol will appear automatically.


Alt + X

Add ° symbol using Insert option in Word 2016 and Word 2019

Step 1

The next option available in Word 2016 is to go to the Insert tab, Symbols group and there display the options of the Symbols tab where we will select more symbols:

more symbols

Step 2
The following window will be displayed where we must locate the ° symbol which will be in the source (normal text):

Step 3
Once selected, we will click on the Insert button to see the symbol in the active document:

How to create custom keyboard shortcuts for Word 2016 and Word 2019

Surely you are interested in knowing how you can create custom keyboard shortcuts in Word, so that you can access different options that interest you quickly, without having to remember the steps to follow to perform them. That is why Word offers the ability to create these custom keyboard shortcuts, easily.

Shortcuts can be very useful because they help you to be more productive when working, offering the possibility of making adjustments or modifications more quickly. In this way, we will make the most of our time and be more effective in those Word documents that we create.

This process can be done in Word 2016 and Word 2019 by the following steps in the link below. You should not worry since, in the event that you have created a shortcut that you want to delete, you will also find the steps to know how to do it.

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