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In many mathematical and chemical formulas there is a superscript and subscript character having a certain meaning. After spending only 10 minutes to read this article, you will learn how to independently raise to the power any character used in the Word editor.

degrees sign

In which cases a degree sign is used

  1. Plain text is on the line at the same level. The need to change the writing level arises when you need to:
  2. Include in the text a mathematical formula with numbers raised to the power (x squared – x2);
  3. Dial the degree sign (360 С);
  4. Enter the notation of some units of measure in the text: measures of area, volume (25 square meters = 25 m2);
  5. Introduce chemical formulas (CO2).
  6. The ability to set a superscript or subscript degree sign is in every version of a text editor, even in a long-obsolete one – Word 2003.

Moreover, each office application allows you to set the degree sign, any superscript or subscript character in several ways.

3 ways to make a degree sign in Word

There are three main ways to establish a superscript or subscript in a text, by making the text or mathematical, chemical formula understandable and readable. The result will be the same, only the algorithm differs, so that everyone can choose the most convenient for themselves.

Put a degree in the Font window

You can set the degree of a number using the “superscript” and “subscript” buttons located on the main panel in the “Font” window.

To enter in the text a number raised to a power (for example, “23 ”), you need:

Enter the required number “2”;

Without a space after it, enter the required value “3”;

Select the number of interest and press the “superscript” button. The number will automatically move above the text reference line (23).

degree sign

Subscripts are entered in the same way – just press the desired button.

You can write a degree at the top, in another way:

Enter the number “2” and “3” without a space.

Select the number of interest and press the SHIFT and F10 keys, or right-click and select the Font tab in the pop-up window.

Put a check in the appropriate box – “superscript” or “subscript”.

Put a degree using hotkeys

For the most advanced users, I advise you to use the hot keys. Writing a degree at the top very quickly can be done as follows:

Enter the number “2” and the desired degree “3” without a space.

Select the number you want to raise to the power (in our case, “3”).

Press CTRL + SHIFT + + at the same time.

The degree sign is set.

Using characters

You can insert a degree using special characters. To do this, you need:

Open the “Symbols” window on the “Insert” tab.

Select the desired superscript.

Click the “Paste” button.

Such an algorithm is best used when you have to use the same characters often. Then they are displayed in the “Previously Used Symbols” window. It may seem difficult to look for a degree sign in the general list, since the list contains a significant number of characters.

In what way he introduces superscript degrees, each user chooses himself. Ultimately, they all lead to the same result.

Degrees Sign in Word

Put the cursor at the end of the entered word or number (x or 2, or something else).

We find on the toolbar “Home” – “Superscript”.

We introduce the corresponding degree, which, by the way, can be represented not only by a number, but also by the letter: x y .

A little trick: in order not to constantly refer to the toolbar, you can call the superscript by using the key combination “Shift” + “Ctrl” + “+”.

Putting a degree symbol in Word 2003

If you want to do all this in the old version of the word processor, then here is the instruction for him.

Select a word or number with the mouse.

Right-click on “Font”.

In the window that opens, put a tick in the “Superscript”.


degree superscript
To remove a degree and a number or word raised into it, you just need to press the Backspace key until the characters completely disappear from the screen. If you want to delete only the degree, but leave the number or word – put the cursor after the degree, press “Backspace” as many times as you need to delete the degree. You can switch to ordinary writing mode with the same key combination “Shift” + “Ctrl” + “+”.

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