How to type em dash (–) in Word, Excel & Mac OS

Em dash is a symbol that is used in Text documents and applications. There are 3 main Dashes in computer that are used widely. But one is more important that is em dash we discussed in below article. We share an image that shows the difference between the three dashes. Em dash in windows MS […]

How to type n with tilde (ñ) on Keyboard, Word/Excel, Mac

How did “n with tilde” Ñ appear? Letters Ñ or “ene” and the corresponding sound in Latin letter. Forward not sound like a mild [n], has emerged with the development of the Romance languages (Spanish, French, Italian, and others) and was originally recorded in different ways: – Dual N as a NN; – combination GN- […]

How to Insert Check Mark Symbol (✓) on keyboard, Word/Excel

What is Check mark symbol? Why it is used? The check mark is used in the meanings of yes, approved, correct, done, or choose it. On lists, it is sometimes used to mark approved items. Check mark – a sign (also use a bird or jackdaw) (✓, ✔, ☑, and so on) to indicate agreement […]

³ Cubed symbol (in Word, Excel, Mac, Alt code)

A cubed symbol is a symbol that is multiplied 3 times by itself. The symbol/sign for cubed is ³. This is moreover be called ‘a number cubed. Let’s suppose to take an example -It is easy to say that the cube root of 27 is 3. However, it is not easy to type this in a human-readable format. You can […]

How to Enter Special Characters in Windows, Android, Mac

Most of the Special Characters you can enter do not appear on the keyboard, whether you are using a physical keyboard or a touchscreen. Here’s how you can type them on your computer or mobile device. You can always search the internet to find the symbol and copy it to the program you are using. This […]

Windows character table Windows: 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP

Windows character table is a Windows utility, that is, it is free and is included with the Windows operating system. With its help, you can find characters that are not on the keyboard, copy them into computer memory and then paste them into any application. This table is available in all versions of Windows: 10, […]

Degrees Sign – Insert Degree Symbol Word | Copy and Paste

Degrees sign is ° In many mathematical and chemical formulas there is a superscript and subscript character having a certain meaning. After spending only 10 minutes to read this article, you will learn how to independently raise to the power any character used in the Word editor. In which cases a degree sign is used Plain […]

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