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What is Alpha symbol. What is its meaning. Where it came from?


Α, α is the first letter of the Greek alphabet. In the system of the Greek alphabetical notation of numbers, it has the numerical value 1. It comes from the Phoenician letter – Aleph, which in translation means “bull” and depicts the head of a bull in its outline. From the letter “alpha” the Latin letter A and the Cyrillic A. Using The capital letter alpha is mostly not used as a symbol because it is spelled in the same way as the capital letter A. The lowercase letter α is used most widely. There are total four Alpha symbols in Greek we write them all in one place. use according to your need easily.

Symbol  ALT Code HTML name Entity Code Greek name Unicode
α ALT + 224 (945) α α Greek small letter Alpha U+03B1
ά ALT + 940 ά Greek small letter Alpha with Tonos U+03AC
Α ALT + 913 Α Α Greek capital letter Alpha U+0391
Ά ALT + 902 Ά Greek capital letter Alpha with Tonos U+0386


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  • Alpha symbol on Windows
  • Alpha Symbol on Mac
  • Alpha Symbol on Latex
  • Alpha Symbol in Microsoft Word
  • Uses of alpha sign

Alpha symbol

Alpha symbol on Windows

If your keyboard is a numeric keypad, then you can enter the alpha letter by using an Alt code – this alternately press the indicated code digits, after the Alt key is released. The numeric keypad is to the right of your keyboard – most keyboards in the desk have a numeric keypad. For inserting α symbol just type 224 while hold down alt key. When you release alt key symbol will appear automatically.

α =Alt+224 (Lower case alpha)

Α=Alt+913 (upper case alpha)

Alpha Symbol on Mac

To insert Greek letter type Ctrl+G (Command G on Mac OS) and then type Latin letter mentioned below

Α =Ctrl + A (upper case alpha)

α =Ctrl + a (Lower case alpha)

Alpha Sign on Latex

\alpha (for α)

\Alpha (for Α)

Ways to insert alpha sign in Microsoft Word

0 3 B 1 ➟ Alt + X =α

To enter the Alt code, hold down the Alt key and alternately press the indicated code digits, after the Alt key is released. The symbol appears after you release the key.

Type the English letter “A” instead of the character. Select it and in the top menu on the “Home” tab set the font “Symbol”. The letter will automatically turn into a symbol for alpha.

Anywhere in the document, enter “03B1” and press the Alt and X hotkeys. The numbers are converted to a character. The keyboard layout must be English. 0 3 B 1➟ Alt + X = α

All  in one information Table

Symbol Alpha
Text α
Alt Code 224
Windows Shortcut Alt+224
Mac Shortcut Ctrl + G, Ctrl + a
MS Word Shortcut 03B1, Alt+X
Latex \alpha

Alpha omega symbol

From ancient times the human race has tried to find some satisfactory answers to the mystery of existence through the vortex of its metaphysical concerns. Humans, through the possibility of our personal shipwreck, we called for help, sometimes sighing and watering the inhospitable land with tears, and sometimes sending an awkward SOS to the vast and enigmatic sky. We asked for the assistance of a transcendental authority, power and authority that includes all forces, principles and powers. For us Christians the lost face and the regained self is Jesus Christ. At least so we say. Alpha and OmegaFirst and Anarchist. Last and Infinite. It contains everything being the Infinite Himself. This is what the Revelation of John assures us.

Uses of alpha 

Alpha (Α α)

  • In the Greek numbering it is given the value of 1.
  • In lowercase it is used in physics for angular acceleration.
  • It also represents the alpha particle of some radioactive elements.
  • It is used to name the first or best in something (alpha male).
  • Determine the attenuation coefficient of a wave.
  • In statistics it represents the coefficient of significance.
Alpha radiation is very useful in several ways.

Cancer treatment

It is used to treat various forms of cancers treatments that process is called unsealed source radiotherapy having  tiny amounts of radium-226 into cancerous masses these  alpha particles lack the penetrating ability to damage the surrounding healthy cells. It also helps in destroy cancer cells example: like radium -226 is also used to treat bone cancer.

Oil industries

Alpha particles are also used in oil industries in the form of alpha radiations to power some of their offshore equipment this provides a long-lasting power source for isolated located devices that have limited access to crews.  Examples: Strontium-90 is the typical fuel used for source for such batteries.

Heating Devices

Alpha radiation is also used to provide heating for spacecraft. Unlike radioisotope thermoelectric generators which convert heat to electricity, radioisotope thermal generators make direct use of the heat generated by alpha decay.

Remote Sensing Stations

The America Air Force uses alpha radiation to give capacity for remote sensing stations in Alaska.  Which lies at the extreme northwest of the North American continent, and the Alaska Peninsula is the largest peninsula in the Western HemisphereStrontium-90 is typically used for the fuel source. In physics it is also used in t aircraft angle of attack.

In chemistry

It is used in thermal diffusivity. The alpha carbon is the first carbon after carbon that is characteristic of a functional group in organic chemistry. α-carbon – base carbon next to carbonyl carbon in amino acids. It is very helping in chemistry. Correct rise in astrometry the brightest star in the constellation. Ferrite Ferrite and Numerous Phases within Materials Science return in excess of compensation for the risk carried in the investment α-conversion in lambda calculus is also used.

Use in radioactivity

Alpha Rays

Alpha rays are the positively charged particles. Alpha-particle is extremely active and energetic helium atom that having two neutrons and protons.  These particles have the less penetration power and high for ionization power. They can cause serious damage if get into the body due to their fast ionization power. They are efficient of ionizing numerous atoms by a short distance. It is due to the fact that the radioactive substances that liberate alpha particles are needed to be handled after tiring rubber gloves.


In mathematics it is used in trigonometry ratios .it is also used in algebraic symbols also represent quantities. Α α (alpha) are also used in first corner in triangle and opposite side also and also in One quadratic root, where β represents the other.

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